The event you cannot miss!

Eric Worre will be in Italy for the first time –in Rimini, to be precise – on October 15-16, 2016, in a unique event in Europe, the Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp 2016.


Are you a network marketing professional? Or don’t know this world yet and would like to learn more? Either way, you’ll want to hear what I’m about to tell you. Ready? Let’s go!

First of all, I would emphasize that this event is not for recruiting or product and company promotion, which are forbidden. It takes place in a totally protected environment for every distributor.


In fact, the purpose of the Network Marketing Pro Boot Camp 2016 in Rimini is solely educational: it aims to make known the amazing opportunity that network marketing represents for each of us and to train new professional networkers.

Eric Worre needs no introduction, but in case you are approaching network marketing for the first time, I will present this great person to you in just a few lines:

  1. successful network marketing professional for more than 25 years…you could say that he’s got plenty of experience!;
  2. author of Go Pro, the book explaining step by step how to become a professional networker…and I can assure you that, if you work in network marketing, this is a must!
  3. founder of, the most important online resource for distributors working in network marketing;
  4. creator of Go Pro recruiting mastery, the biggest training event in network marketing worldwide;
  5. cooperates with Richard Branson, Virgin Group’s founder, and Tony Robbins, life coach extraordinaire.


Not too bad, right?

All right, Eric Worre will be in Rimini for the most important training event in network marketing in the history of European network marketing!

What will Eric Worre talk about? He will address the most important topics in becoming a successful networker, sharing his experience and the experience of the best professionals in the business. Rimini is the right occasion to learn:

  1. the necessary mindset to become a true network marketing professional;
  2. the seven essential skills to become a successful networker;
  3. how to create a strategy aimed at achieving the best results for you in network marketing.

In a nutshell…in Rimini you will lay the foundations to achieving your objectives and realizing your dreams.

Eric Worre will speak for you – if you will – for me, for us, because network marketing is the business of the future, your big chance to build the life you desire.

Have I sparked your interest? You can buy the ticket and the book Go Pro here. Get ready to live an amazing experience!