How is it being a mom and a networker in Jeunesse? I’d call it “the ideal situation”.

Well, it was a challenging start. Network marketing is a job requiring constant effort, training and experience. In a word, it requires time.

If you decide to become a professional networker – and it is the only option allowing you to achieve significant and lasting results – bear in mind that you have to invest your time in training. Just like I did, even though I was a mother of three little kids. If you are a parent, you well know that it’s your kids who are the center of your world. They were the center of my world for sure, even before my encounter with network marketing in Jeunesse. I’ve always been a mom who is very responsive to their demands and watchful in every aspects of their lives – food, education, play … –

_DSC7956_editThis was my life 24 hours a day, because I chose to be a full-time mom. When I found myself in need of economic independence, network marketing in Jeunesse was my great opportunity for change and growth in every respect: as a professional, as a woman, and as a mom.

I wasn’t the ever-present mom anymore of course, because I was training myself in professional network marketing and I was dedicating most of my time to study and meetings. As I said, it was a challenging start and I had to make sacrifices: I didn’t have a babysitter who could come with me to all my events – courses, meetings, conferences – and so I brought my kids with me. They sat in the back row and sometimes they fell asleep there, exhausted.

Was I feeling guilt? Sometimes, but only temporarily. On those occasions, for example, or when I had to pour them a bowl of corn flakes because I didn’t have time to cook…was it really me? The one who cared about healthy and organic eating!

However, I continued along my path, because I have always believed that network marketing was the chance for myself and for my kids. And today I have proof:

  • Network marketing is economic fulfillment and freedom to live the life you wish together with your children. High-quality living and quality time.
  • Network marketing is time to spend with your children, when and where you want. My kids are at school? I work from home. Are we all queuing at the water park entrance? I’ve got just enough time to make a call to one of my networkers! Watching them enjoying themselves on the beach? I can work even from there, because you only need a phone and an Internet connection to do network marketing. Then, when I decide “That’s enough”, I turn off the phone and I’m only the mother of my kids and nothing else. There’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than that.
  • Network marketing is the future of my children, because your position in the Jeunesse organization is hereditary.
  • Network marketing is a life lesson from a mother to her children. It’s the effort to achieve a result: economic independence and fulfillment for yourself and your family.

So, a challenging start but impressive benefits afterwards! Network marketing is also and especially for you moms, as it was and still is for me. Let’s try it together!