Why is network marketing a business where we women are able to do our best? I will explain in this article…which can also be useful to men in their profession as networkers.

We ladies are generally made for network marketing. It’s in our DNA. We live this business in a way that belongs to us. In short, it comes naturally to us. I’ve experienced it personally: all the characteristics which make us fit for this business define my personal story and the stories of many other women inside my team and elsewhere:

woman and business plan

woman and business plan

  • we women like to talk. We are big talkers and give advice to anyone who will listen…friends, mostly. Who has never praised the quality of a lipstick or of a nail polish that truly lasts seven days? Network marketing lives on words. Network marketing is sharing experiences;
  • we women put the product first: business comes next. We test the product personally and recommend it to our friends only if we find it effective. Success in network marketing is impossible if you don’t believe in the product you’re selling, and you cannot believe in it if you haven’t tried it first and haven’t fallen in love with it. That’s what happened to me with Jeunesse products: they are incredibly innovative and are backed by a world-class team of doctors, but most of all they are extraordinary in terms of the results they provide. And results cannot be achieved by memorizing a product’s characteristics. You have to try it on your skin;
  • we women are multitasking. I’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise! Work, home, groceries, kids, friends…We have far less free time than men and we scrape together valuable minutes to ourselves by doing many things at a time. While we are in line at the supermarket, we are on the phone with our friends; while we are helping our children with their homework, we are in the kitchen cooking with a report from work on one hand; we can easily do our makeup while walking to work. That’s how it is. It’s our life. Network marketing is ideal for us women, because it’s a business you can carry out wherever you like, even in line at the supermarket. You only need a phone and an Internet connection. I, the mother of three kids, do it every day…and I have even turned into a  Diamond Director!

To tell you the truth, being a woman is sometimes difficult even in network marketing, because in some cases you have to defend your work and your efforts and to prove that beauty, ability and commitment can coexist…even in a female body. But it is worth it!

I made it and you can make it too, if you want to: between the lines of my story you can find yours. Write me and we will take your first steps together!