“Every cloud has a silver lining”, as an old proverb goes. Regarding Randy Ray, it fits perfectly.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the founders of Jeunesse Global, a network marketing company with a 2016 turnover of a billion dollars which is expected to double in 2017. They got to build this network marketing empire thanks to a bum knee, and if you have a little patience, I will tell you how. Randy and Wendy are married, a golden couple, I’d say, not only for their company’s turnover: they share the same impressive entrepreneurial vision, incredible insight and steely energy.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-13 at 17.22.36In other words, a winning network marketing company such as Jeunesse is not built on sand!

The beginning of their story, however, was quite the opposite, one of misery and challenges to be faced. Randy, a farmers’ child, grew up with his stomach aching from hunger and without even knowing what a pair of shoes was; as for Wendy, she was a math teacher and, for a period in her life, a single mom struggling to balance work and child care.

Then one day they met and have stayed together since. They had a common objective: to create an ethical business that could give everyone a chance: Jeunesse Global.

Before starting the Jeunesse Global adventure, Randy and Wendy launched a company providing network marketing companies with software. They also collaborated with NASA, and then one day…

…Randy injured his knee and thought the only viable solution was a meniscus operation. Luckily his doctor proved him wrong and advised him to get in contact with Nathan Newman, a doctor in Beverly Hills, stem cell specialist, plastic surgeon and world-class dermatologist.

Doctor Newman treated his patients by injecting stem cells into the diseased tissue: these cells, by duplicating, regenerated the treated area with impressive results. That’s what happened to Randy’s bum knee, which healed perfectly.

During one of the visits, Wendy, who usually visited Doctor Newman along with her husband during his stem cell injections, noticed a cabinet behind the secretary’s desk with some boxes inside. Out of curiosity, she asked what they were. The secretary answered that it was a skin serum containing stem cell growth factor, developed by Doctor Newman. However, since the product was very expensive, they only managed to sell forty boxes a month.

Wendy bought one box on the spot and, after testing the product on herself with incredible results – liver spots disappeared, revealing smoother and brighter skin – asked Doctor Newman to consider building the serum distribution through multi level marketing.

prodotti-jen-luminesceIn fact, only network marketing would have allowed Doctor Newman to make his advanced stem cell serum known to a bigger audience, cutting sales costs at the same time. Thus, on September 9, 2009, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis set up Jeunesse Global in Atlanta (US), a network marketing company distributing and selling stem cell products. Initially they offered two products:

  • Luminesce serum with 200+ growth factor of stem cells, which regenerates the skin at the molecular level by increasing collagen and elastin.
  • Reserve, a nutritional supplement containing resveratrol, a powerful natural antioxidant present in the skin of red grapes.

Jeunesse Luminesce serum and nutritional supplement Reserve were immediately huge successes.

So, Randy and Wendy placed other products inside the Jeunesse network: first, the day cream and the night cream, and then the whole Luminesce product line.

After Doctor Newman, other world-class doctors joined the company, including Vincent Giampapa, who contributed to Jeunesse’s success with AM&PM, a natural nutritional supplement delaying cellular aging. Jeunesse success lies, therefore, not only in its extraordinary products but also in the people who believe in their revolutionary qualities and commit every day to making them known to the whole world.

Many of these persons belong to my Unity Global team: I’ve worked with them step by step along their journey as networkers, rejoicing in their success. Today my objective is precisely to help people achieve what they want, believe to the full, because through network marketing converting an ordinary life into an extraordinary existence is within anyone’s reach.